GiveWilPower is a nonprofit organization that distributes baby clothes to financially disadvantaged expectant and new parents (18-35 years old) who are classified as a minority. The company targets companies in the Gospel and R&B music genres (i.e., record labels, radio stations, and music publishing companies) as donors.

Many of these organizations have corporate giving requirements and GiveWilPower will use the great history that music entities and charities have as a selling point. Research studies have measured the profound effects of music and movement based learning on young children: it encourages language development, motor skills, abstract thinking, spatial ability, intellectual development, creativity, self-esteem and social interaction. Donors can feel secure that their donations are meeting their corporate needs and meeting the needs of the communities that support their businesses.

The targeted participants in the program are financially disadvantaged parents and guardians residing in Hudson County, NJ who can use any additional source of free support for their families. Donations can be collected in the form of financial contributions to buy clothes or via seasonal donation bins on the donors' premises. The organization is scheduled to start operations on November 1, 2001 in time to secure donations for the holiday season. GiveWilPower will run the program throughout the year.

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