About Us

WilPower Enterprises started in 1994 as a publishing company. It has since evolved into the umbrella organization for WilPowerMusic, WilPower Publishing, ReelWilPower, and GiveWilPower. The company has less than 50 employees and is based in Jersey City, NJ.



A songwriting and music publishing company that specializes in the placement of Gospel and R&B music on film soundtracks.

WilPower Publishing

A publishing company that produces entertainment and beauty stories, fictional and non-fictional short stories, poetry, resumes, copywriting and copyediting services. The company is also developing its first novel.


A short-film production company specializing in the human experience and romantic comedy genres.


A nonprofit organization that will distribute baby clothes to financially disadvantaged expectant and new parents (18-35 years old) who are classified as a minority. The company will target companies in the Gospel and R&B music genres (i.e., record labels, radio stations, and music publishing companies) as donors.